Irish Dance Lessons for Your Wedding in Houston, TX

Hey it is June everyone and if you are planning to be a June bride, it simply means that you are about to do your first wedding dance. Since you have planned ahead of time, for sure, your other services are already all set and finalized. But here is our question, "are you ready for your first wedding dance with your husband?"

wedding dance los angeles If you wanted to incorporate something different in your own wedding dance, why not try Irish bridal dance. Irish wedding dance lessons in Houston TX could give your guests something refreshing and different.

There are many types of Irish dances that you could include in your wedding. Of course, to perfectly execute the routine, your bridal entourage should attend practice session months before the wedding day itself.

Aside from the famous Riverdance which is typically Irish, there are other types of dances that you could try to learn for your wedding dance. Here are the options that you should try:

If you want to have an unregulated and a bit liberated type of dance, you can try learning Sean-nós. In this type of dance, everyone is expected to visually express the music using arms, hips, feet and shoulders. Try it! It is loaded with fun!

Irish dance will not be complete without ceili dancing. Ceili dancing is characterized with informal types of movements. This type of dance has been banned by the Catholic clergy so most of the steps are codified. But still, the traditional has survived and could be taught by your instructors in the dance studio.

Set dancing on the other hand is a structured type of dancing among the Irish dances. This type of dance is perfect for entertainment as the dancers are arranged on both ends of the square. The dancers are wearing striking costumes that are designed to become elaborate.

Finding an instructor who will teach you Irish dance lessons for your wedding in Houston TX could be a little tough nowadays since this is a non-conventional art. If you are interested, you can always ask for the referral of your friends who have tried unique type of dances in their wedding before. Another best way to track down a dance studio that provides this type of service is through video sharing sites like Youtube. For sure, there are so many Irish wedding dances that are uploaded in this site. You can use those videos as your pattern.

Make sure the your provider has a long standing dance lesson experience to ensure quality. In order to have a perfect wedding dance, you need to follow the suggestions below.

Pick the right music

When you enrol into the Irish dance lesson, your teacher will be presenting you different types of music and dances. Since it is your wedding, you get the chance to pick. The best tips is do not settle for the mediocre. Pick the best so that you can have memorable and unforgettable experience.

Keep on practicing

The best and most important tip is to never be late on every dance practice. If you tapped you entourage to join, make sure you have the schedule so that everyone will be available. Practice, practice and practice. That is the secret to a beautiful and well executed wedding dance.